Texas Reptiles

Texas Reptiles

There are a number of reptile species which can be found in Texas and other U.S. states, but none that are as famous or as beautiful as the Texas Horned Lizard. It is delightful species to observe, when their daylight hours overlap with the summer days, when they are best suited for exploring their surroundings during daylight hours.

The Texas horned lizard

The four-legged reptile is not a very large creature, and inhabits the wild lands of the Lone Star State. They live underground, and many species migrate to burrows in their area of residence, so the sight of the creature that resembles a small toad can surprise onlookers.

The Texas Horned Lizard is quite capable of latching onto people, and if it doesn’t have any other predators for food, it will take its chances in the wild. These lizards generally hide themselves underneath rocks and twigs, or from a distance, when it is not threatened. It is however a fact that some Texas residents have recently reported seeing their pet lizards in a fight with a young bullfrog in their pool.

The Texas Horned Lizard is a very interesting creature, and it belongs to the rupicidae family. These lizards have the uncanny ability to mimic almost any sound, as well as being capable of moving to camouflage and move through the tall grasses of the surrounding vegetation.

These lizards do not have the ability to detect vibrations, so they hide and twigs that lie on the ground and when disturbed it becomes an escape route. This means that the only time these creatures are seen on the ground is when someone wants to see them, by accident or otherwise.

The residents of Texas have many great reptiles of Texas to hunt down.

One of the most common ones, which are abundant in Texas is the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. It is not uncommon to find these reptiles hunting and harassing local wildlife and pursuing them into thick brush and foliage.

The first signs of these animals, when approached from the ground, are their distinct tail calls. The Texas Rattlesnake has long, dark body and a pale belly, with whitish dorsal marking, which gives it a beautiful pattern and resemblance to that of a lizard.

Another common reptile to see, especially in the Chihuahuan Desert, is the Texas Tortoise. Although quite common, they are not always recognized as lizards, because of their slow movements and blunt tail.

If you observe the Texas Tortoise, you will notice that it moves quickly, sometimes jumping out of the way of the camera. The Texas Tortoise is almost identical to a turtle, except that they possess a yellow shell.